Layers drift away, slowly revealing only your forgotten self. Each step, a silent sound at first, brings you closer to the distant silhouette of your soul. As you leave the chaos of the conscious mind behind and slip gently into the unknown, the stillness of solitude slowly awakens your deep senses, leading to a pathway of sublime,subtle celebrations. It's at it's purest, a dance with the divine, a symphony of solace.

To experience the live lyrics of nature’s songs,
You begin your journey on Nine Furlongs


Every place has a sound. Be it the whistle of the north wind from the snowy Himalayan heights or the rustle of the forest in the wafting breeze, that gently rises from the Gangetic plains. But again, the turning wheels of time have often changed the sound of the spoken word. Here the sound of ‘Bineshwar’ changed to ‘Binsar’ during the British administration of the colonial era ....

Flow in the freshness of wilderness and solitude


The bungalows are as much a part of the land as are the evergreen forests that surround the Estate.

Over time the Estate changed hands and hearts. After the British owners of the Estate left around the time of India’s independence, Marie Therese Domine a Belgian doctorate student of musicology and psychology made the Estate her resting point in the early 1950’s. Here she wrote about her epic journey across India and Nepal on foot, in bullock carts and local trains, exploring the folk music and ballads of the Western Himalayas ....

Time to live by your own rhythm


The ancient and sacred land of Binsar has witnessed the rise and fall of centuries, crowns, capitals and civilization. A story which takes us back to the Early ancient days of Kuninda period beginning 500 BC,down to the early medieval years of the Katyuri region, who were replaced by the Chand Dynasty in the 12th century passing through the Gurkha era and then to The British (1815 - 1947 )....