The Forest Bungalow

The bark of the shy "Kakar" (the local name for the Muntjac or Barking Deer) tells you, that you aren't alone. The denizens of the forest are on the move and as a sentinel, she is just letting you know.

Getting it's strength from stone and character from wood, the bungalow rests in the heart of the forest and draws it's soul from the magnificent mountains draped in white. The Forest Bungalow carries a lush happiness that brought together many a guest born out of camaraderie or curiosity. During the British period, the bungalow was for the Estate's guests, which over the last few years has been restored to it's original offering. The Estate played host to a bevy of British and European visitors. Counted amongst the guests that followed was the noted Hindi poet Agyeya, the famous artist Ramkumar Verma, Timothy Leary, Sri Krishna Prem....and now you.

It's warmth goes beyond the bright sunshine with it's spellbinding views and welcoming fireplaces. There is joy, an immovable love in every step, every bite, every breath; something not best described in words, but left to experience.

The Writers Bungalow

The Quill is mightier than the Sword. The "Saul", local name for porcupine, casually drops a few quills here, calling out to the Writer in you to go ahead and try your hand!

For Tiziano Terzani, a famous Italian writer, this bungalow was a home that helped him eloquently pen down words about mortality, solitude and the serene stillness Binsar brought to his last surviving years, which were amongst his most fulfilling and happy ones.

From surreal sunsets to mountain ranges sitting on a forest saddle, the bungalow builds worlds of imagination, as you are serenaded with nature's poetry and her pristine poise. This is where you are enchanted with stories and if you are lucky, one might find you too!

Siestas under the open skies build inspirations even with shut eyes.

A Blended Blessing

Ecology need not be compromised Luxury need not be sacrificed

Keeping the natural equilibrium of the fragile habitat as priority, the multitude of flora in the Estate and it's surroundings has been sensitively preserved to help maintain the ecosystem in it's naturally flourishing and original state. The local varieties of Himalayan oak, rhododendrons, cedar, cypress, kaphal, karsun, tiloura, ayyanar all flourish. You will barely see the highly disruptive pine or Chir here which otherwise is ubiquitous in the Himalayan landscape, having been brought from Europe over a hundred fifty years ago....

Local produce grown organically has helped reduce carbon footprint from transportation and also curtailed the use of pesticides or any other chemicals from entering the soil and water. The property sustains itself on completely renewable sources of energy and water. Solar Power is generated at the estate as grid supply is non existent. Rain Water is harvested, filtered and stored for our regular usage. Natural Springs on the property are an additional source for our drinking and other needs.

Eco-friendly materials are being used which are biodegradable, leaving no harmful residues. We are promoting zero use of plastics and where it's limited usage is unavoidable, the waste material is diligently accumulated and disposed responsibly (for recycling). Waste segregation and it's management is a continuous and committed activity, both within the Estate and the wider ecosystem at large.

Our initiatives are aligned with the government's and Forest Department's focus on conservation and cleanliness of the Sanctuary.

Preservation of nature's gifts is a sacred responsibility of it's human caretakers